Green Schools

Green Yorkshire Solar have a long history of working with the education sector through our Green Schools programme and have worked with  schools, colleges, academies and universities across the country.

Whilst we have been promoting this for some time, the government have now backed the initiative and will further encourage the installation of  solar PV on schools, as well as promoting energy efficiency.

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) and the Department for Education are working on ways to improve energy efficiency across the 22,000 schools in England, to reduce their annual energy spend of £500 million. Education Secretary Michael Gove says of the initiative:

“Solar panels are a sensible choice for schools, particularly in terms of the financial benefits they can bring. It is also a great way for pupils to engage with environmental issues and think about where energy comes from.”

The benefits of our offer compared to traditional Power Purchase Agreements or arrangements with Energy Service Companies are:

  • The schools are the direct recipients of 100% of the electricity savings – i.e. There is no need to purchase the electricity generated from their roof from a third party.
  • The schools directly receive 100% of the Feed in Tariffs.
  • The schools directly receive 100% of the Export income.
  • The funding is 100% off balance sheet.
  • Most installs should be cash-flow positive for the school from the beginning.

To find out more about how your school could benefit from a solar PV system, call Green Yorkshire Solar on 0845 1204321 for a free consultation and site survey.

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