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Solar Servicing

About our Solar Service Package

One of the main reasons that solar is such a great investment is that it requires little maintenance, however to ensure they are the most efficient all year round they should be serviced and checked at least once a year. Servicing solar panels will not only ensure your system is the most efficient it can be, but it will also aid in your keeping the warranty on your solar system. Many warranties and contracts state that only qualified professionals should carry out the servicing to remain within the warranty terms and conditions.

Get your solar system services for just £10.99 per month (£2.00 extra p/m for every additional kW, which includes:

  • Checking your solar panels for damage and corrosion
  • Performance checks on the system and cabling
  • Checking the inverter is working as it should be
  • Full safety check of the inverter
  • Full safety check of the DC/AC isolators
  • Full solar panel clean every year for optimum efficiency
  • Performance check on the PV array
  • Unlimited call outs for break downs

Our fully inclusive package is fantastic value, from one of the leading Northern solar installers. If you would like to purchase your solar pv servicing plan please call us on 0808 156 7704 or fill out your details in the form below.


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solar battery storage

Solar Battery Storage

The average home uses more electricity in the morning and evening than during the day when solar energy is plentiful. Without a home battery, excess solar energy from your solar system is usually sold to the power company and purchased back in the evening. Our battery storage solution stops this process between renewable energy supply and demand by making your home’s solar energy available to you when you need it.