Solar Panels Leeds

Here at GYS, we’re pleased to offer our solar systems to all parts of the Leeds area and beyond. From Roundhay and Chapel Allerton to Rothwell and Beeston, we provide our solar services all across Leeds.

We’re based pretty close to Leeds too – just a few miles away in Wakefield! It’s a simple job to arrange for one of our operatives to pay you a visit and have a look at what we can do for you. After that we can provide a price for a system that will suit your needs and budget, and also help you to maximise the feed in tariff so you get the most return on your investment.

Our fitters have got years of experience, and we only use the most up to date equipment available on the market today. To offer you the most choice and value for money we have designed three completely separate systems that can cover 99% of requirements between them. Of course, we only use guaranteed systems too, so you’ll have total peace of mind after the panels have been installed.