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Do you know someone interested in generating their own electricity, who wants to make a tax-free profit, reduce their carbon foot-print and help the environment?

If you share your experience with your friends then you could reap the financial rewards with our fantastic ‘Recommend a Friend’ scheme.

Terms and Conditions

When you purchase a Solar PV system from Green Yorkshire Solar and then recommend us to your friends and family if they place an order with us we will give you £50, this will increase in multiples of £25 for each subsequent recommendation upto and including 4 recommendations. For your 5th recommendation we will give you a massive £500:-

1st recommendation = £50

2nd recommendation = £75

3rd recommendation = £100

4th recommendation = £125

And for the 5th recommendation we will give you a massive £500

We would also like to say thank you to your friends and family by giving each of them £100 off their Green Yorkshire Solar PV system.

In order to qualify for your recommendation you must complete the online recommendation form prior to your friends and family arranging an appointment, duplicated recommendations will be given on a first come basis.

Recommendations will be paid to you on completion of your friends and family installation and once all payments have been made in full.

Green Yorkshire Solar makes sense!

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