Is my home suitable?

Yorkshire is particularly suitable for solar PV installations due to the local weather conditions, which are primarily influenced by the Pennine hills. The “rain shadow” caused by the Pennines means that Yorkshire has 25% more daylight hours on average than neighbouring Manchester, and the effect continues out into the Vale of York.

This tendency for clear skies means that Yorkshire out-performs Cornwall for sunny days during the winter months.

Most homes across Yorkshire are suitable for a Green Yorkshire Solar PV system.  However, when one of our Green Yorkshire experts comes to your home to discuss your project, we will be able to answer any questions you might have and survey your house for suitability at the same time.

Type of Roof

Direction – The best direction for your roof to be facing is south in order to maximise the solar energy generated, as this is the direction that receives the most sunlight.  Roofs that face east and west will also give efficient outputs from your system. North-facing roofs are not as efficient but will still generate you a certain level of solar PV energy.

As most roofs have two sides or more it is likely that at least one side will be facing in the right direction. Our Green Yorkshire Solar expert will fully explain the outputs available, whatever the direction of your home’s roof and be able to design a system which will give you the maximum return.

Angle – The angle of your roof will make a big difference to the amount of sunlight it receives throughout the day and therefore the amount of energy that can be generated from your system. Flat roofs, as well as sloping roofs can be suitable providing the position/direction allows for enough sunlight. 30 degrees is the optimum angle for energy generation, however, other angles will be explained in your quotation.

Shade – If solar PV panels were installed onto an area of the roof that is shaded, the amount of energy that could be generated from them is affected. When installing panels onto your roof we look for shading from chimneys, trees and other buildings/properties, as these should be avoided.  Green Yorkshire Solar can create panel layout designs that can work with all types of roofs, even if your property does suffer from shaded areas. We will ensure that your solar PV system will generate the optimum level of energy available for your home.

Planning permission

Due to the changes in permitted development rights introduced on 6th April 2008 you do not need planning permission to have solar PV systems installed on your roof. However, there are guidelines that we have to work within.  At Green Yorkshire Solar our team of experts fully understand these guidelines and will ensure that your installation complies.

Green Yorkshire Solar makes sense!