Business Sectors

At Green Yorkshire we pride ourselves in giving our customers a one stop shop for energy solutions.
Our knowledge and expertise of each business sector means and its individual demands are always adhered to and the correct mix of product solutions is fitted.

Below are a few examples of business sectors that we operate:

With the increased costs of electricity many farms are under increasing pressure to remain profitable. Through the attractive Power Purchase agreements we can offer your farm a free Solar PV system, details of the finance can be explained just get in touch .

If your running an energy hungry farm such as a dairy or poultry then it is likely electricity bills is something that is causing you concern. Similarly farms that require specialist equipment to store or chill produce such as vegetables and fruits will also have the same concerns with the costs. Solar can help to reduce around 50% of your energy costs.

Probably one of the highest energy consumer businesses around Solar is ideal for you to help run the sometimes massive energy hungry machines that you may use within the business.

Coupled with this, manufacturing companies generally have the largest roofspaces meaning plenty of scope for solar panels to be installed on them, Making manufacturing again a prime candidate for a Power purchased agreement. Self funding though does mean a higher return for you if this is possible,.

Additional to retro fit solar many new builds are also under the provision to install solar at the time of construction. Building regulations such as Part L demand that a new build be self sufficent for a minimum of 10% of the consumed electricity. In London however the ‘London Plan’ takes things further and demands a minimum of 15% generated by renewable technologies.

Wholesale & Retail
Again another prime candidate for solar as they are generally a 24/7 operation, running all day every day consuming electricity through various means. Again also having large roofspaces ideal for a solar pv install. With solar installed you are also showing to your customers your commitments to reducing your carbon footprint.

In addition to Solar you could also install LED lighting to help reduce your energy costs even further again something Green yorkshire can help you with especially as you probably use a lot of lighting within your business.

Transport & logistics
Typically having a large warehouse and transport facilities this sector offers a wealth of opportunities to have solar installed. With large roofspaces generally unused why not invest in a solar system and earn money from them.

With solar installed you can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your supplychain choosing an logistics company that actively reducing their impact on the environment is attractive to your customers.

SME’s that have their own offices can benefit from energy bill reduction and a second source of income. Similary corporate landlords are required to complete mandatory ESOS assessments can consider LED lighting and solar whether it be a self funded system or a system purchased through a Power purchase agreements.

Schools can benefit from either a solar system purchased through a Power Purchase agreement or an exclusive Energy Efficency Financing scheme from the carbon trust. We have an extensive experience in the education industry to assure you of minimal safety concerns and disruption.

The Energy Efficiency financing ( EEF) for schools scheme is an operating solution to allow your school to invest in energy technology such as solar and LED lighting without any upfront costs and still benefit from both bill savings and Feed-In Tariff payments.

This is funded by Siemens Finance, In return you pay a fixed monthly operating cost that is more than covered by your bill savings and Feed-In Tariff payments making you cash flow positive from day one. EEF is only available through an exclusive group of quality installers in the UK and is targeted specifically to the education sector.

Although energy bill savings are generally the main motivator for schools to invest it is becoming more desirable for schools to employ a level of sustainably and environmental awareness. Energy reduction installations such as solar and LED lighting can be a contributing factor to achieve the green flag environmental award.