solar for businesses

Green Yorkshire Commercial Solar

Earn an extra income through the Feed-In Tariff ( FIT) which is government backed and index linked for twenty years.

-Energy that is not used you will still benefit through the Export tariff so nothing is wasted.
-Save on your energy bills quite substantially the more you use then the higher the savings.
-Take action to reduce energy bills which are forecast to rise 100% in the next decade.
-Help reach your carbon reduction targets which businesses can now get fined for failing to meet them.
-Showcase your companies green credentials and set the standard for taking responsibility.
-Installing a commercial solar panel system has some major advantages over a domestic solar system , One of these is as the panels generate during daylight hours then the majority of your electricity would be generated free of charge. In addition to this you will use all of the electricity generated you would still get  paid the feed in and export tariffs available.

Green Yorkshire offers some great deals for commercial systems. The prices can vary considerably depending on size and quality. With Green Yorkshire we only use the best products available to the solar PV market at affordable prices. In addition to the cost we can also offer you a finance solution to help you with cash flow, as it may be hard to see where the additional investment to fund a solar system we can offer this at low interest rates to assist you. This means that you can design a repayment plan to suit your business needs to ensure you can keep cash positive.

Why choose Green Yorkshire

Some of the biggest brands in the UK from all sectors are turning to solar for their business. Our experience across all sectors helps us to design you a leading bespoke solar panel system. This maximizes your potential roof space and meet your objectives for installing solar panels. We offer the full service from design to the project management and installation of your proposed solar panel system.

All companies are under extreme pressure from the government to reduce their carbon footprint. This is making everyone not just look at their own activities but also to their supplychain to give claim in taking a positive course of action to improve their green credentials.
Large roof spaces makes power intensive sectors a prime candidate for a solar pv system such as manufacturing whether the company is a large or small business solar is suited for all.

As a forward thinking company we like to demonstrate innovation by implementing solutions and technologies to overcome problems and help you maximise the opportunities available to you.